Managing your Dedicated Server with SynergyCP

To control your dedicated server(s), we've deployed and integrated the powerful SynergyCP to allow our customers to have full control of their dedicated servers.

With functionalities like bandwidth usage tracking, hardware tracking, rDNS management, IPMI integration, remote access, and user-directed operating system installations, the SynergyCP panel gives our dedicated server customers more access than ever before.



When you order a new dedicated server with Ready2Frag, we'll set up your user account. You will receive an email to set up your password.

When your server is set up, your server details are emailed directly to you from the system. Generally speaking, our staff are not aware of your root passwords, and the passwords nor the emails are stored in our system beyond what is necessary for initially sending that information to you. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE INFORMATION IN THESE EMAILS FOR YOUR RECORDS.

As always, if you're not seeing these emails within a reasonable period of time (often 15-20 minutes for server setups), check your Spam folder. Otherwise, please contact support with any concerns.

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